Joss Monzoni

From brand storytelling to filmmaking, producer and artist, Joss Monzoni has helped all kinds of organizations tell their story to the world. His job is to focus on the creation of integrated connections between brands and consumers in converging media. Joss has helped companies to find their story and identity through branding, storytelling, design and animation work within the commercial, entertainment industries and non-profit organizations. Joss also speaks at seminars and conferences around the world.

I have worked on several projects with Joss Monzoni as producer. Joss is an excellent “people person”. That skill makes him an excellent team leader and motivator. His calm even keel personality is almost always positive and sunny. His organizational skills have gotten us through many tight deadlines.

Rob Janoff - Creative Director, Rob Janoff Studio. (Designer of the Apple logo)

I’ve worked with Joss Monzoni in a number of capacities in recent years. Not only does he have an intrinsic understanding of the production process for film and television, but he also is one of the few creatives I’ve worked with who gets the value of concerted productions and multiplatform narrative. Wildly imaginative and yet pragmatic and practical, Joss can maintain the big picture vision, while making things happen and getting it all done at once.

Jeff Gomez - CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment (Avatar, Spider Man, Pirates of the Caribbean)
I’ve never met a true life ‘Renaissance Artist’ until I met Joss Monzoni; he’s an unquestionable visual artist but his interests in technology allowed him to jump into animation and a few years ago into the VR world. Joss can write stories, draw them, animate them and become the trigger for his own Universe.
I’m honoured to have worked with Joss in a few projects and developed a friendship ever since. There’s a very small selected group of people I know with equal talent and human greatness.
Martin Hernandez - Oscar-nominated Sound Designer. (Pan's Labyrinth, The Revenant, Babel)